How We Work

Working with PSD Cut-Ups is a breath of fresh air. Our simple 5-step process means you always receive pixel-perfect work as quickly and affordably as possible.

Here’s what you can expect…

  • STEP 1.
    Send us your design, preferably as layered PSD, TIFF or PNG files.
  • STEP 2.
    We cut it up in Photoshop to prepare it for the web, while maintaining the absolute integrity of your work.
  • STEP 3.
    Using the cut-ups, we code your site in clean, validating HTML.
  • STEP 4.
    Together, we revise and refine the site until it’s exactly what you had envisioned.
  • STEP 5.
    Finally, we test and optimize for all the major browsers — so it looks good for every visitor, every time!

At PSD Cut-Ups, we work with all sorts of clients. Over time we’ve developed methodologies that work best for agencies, designers, and individuals.

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